1 cm. from the pyloric sphincter, and right below, in the submucosa of the duodenum, is a

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Diagnosis and Prognosis. — The diagnosis depends largely

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they were again assembled for reviews and examinations

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made of it in the Southern United States, Mexico, and Mediter-

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left side of the chest. At this particular hospital the roentgenologist

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about two thousand gallons capacity. This is of brick,

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gress at Berlin, this summer, is estimated to exceed five

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material, which are sold in all instrument stores, and which are largely

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measure, provided the patients are not under instant observation.

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has been stated to be about the fourth month, but they wiU be best heard

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Eoundation. “Exploring a variety of treatment options that can increase quality of life while decreasing costs will

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of 80 to 100 mm. Hg was supplied through a cannula tied to the femoral

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solidations, which otlierwJKt* n)ay not so easily be done.

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tion ; soft, elastic, non -pulsating ; in thirty-eight per cent,

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drew out the uterus. The wire was sufficiently strong to guard

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In prolonged operations about the nose and mouth in

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by means of an antipyretic, the results are chiefly a relief

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affected part, for a minimum period of six weeks ; (c) high feeding,

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sections showed all the characteristics of acute yellow atrophy. The uterus

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Wien.med.Bl.,1887, X, 724; 756.— Berlioz (F.) Analyse

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to ten years old, and the quantity of blood taken from each was

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limb as well This was probably due to secondary de-

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fact that operations per vaginam caused not more than

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* Urine of oxen. The supposed virtue sprang from certain mytho-

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disinfection, the dejecta of a typhoid fever patient, or the rice-

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R. Koch was of the opinion that the mosquitos suck the blood

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a report of which is contained in this number of the Gazette,