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Oct 20 Physician Grand Rounds - 12:00 PM; Fort Meade & Hot Springs, SD; Topic: to be announced; Info: Candy Benne,
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lead to Increased serum potassium levels. However, extensive
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bolized. The saphena vein is e.xposed as high as possible, preferably
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ger, and was perhaps as perfect as could be understood
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small and white ; the fruit or berry, which is at first
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tion favors bacterial growth, while in larger quantities it
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the writer has long hoped and worked for the establish-
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everywhere augmenting the contractility of the unstriated
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myomata occurring in muscles of the trunk and limbs have
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before nursing. Let babe nurse only every three hours, and only
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character of Sandown. The place is thoroughly drained, and not into the
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He presents in tabular form the statistics, of various
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»hosphide of zinc given in doses gradually increased from one-
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neum ; but sometimes the base of the ulcer previous to perforation be-
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wounds be flabby or languid, the addition of balsam of Peru to
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and chorea. It is probable that apoplexy of the cord is attributable to
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advertise!- flourishes with an ever-increasing exuberance
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Several branches given off by the right Sylvian artery showed endarteritis, with an ob-
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of birth trauma. A few of the cases may be due to infectious
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Mr. Pott's cases were rupture of the middle meningeal
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that, accordmg to the estimate of Bidder and Schmidt (never
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food towards the pylorus, and followed each other regularly
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was much larger, and in some of its parts better developed. Both were affected
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"%esolved, That * * * the Illinois State Board of Health declines
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chial tubes and blood-vessels •" and concludes his observations
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process, it is evident that, if the most recent doc-
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present degenerative reaction in its characteristic form. In the muscles
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question whether Fleet Surgeon Kershner neglected his
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good and careful operator, and one possessed of great tact in
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Sfcond. The susceptibility to the disease is all but
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of leukemia. Attention was also called to the report of cases of
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