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forts of the faculty, and applied to them as a last resort. During the
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leaves as a substitute for tobacco. The plant is also employed
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as the therapeutic use of alcohol, being made the subject of a
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Dr. H. L. Swain, of New Haven, said that he had often
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I suggested air, fresh air, and lots of it; also an increase of digitalis.
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fear or sorrow. Such attribution seems as little proven in the case of
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taking a sharp-pointed knife and, by repeated strokes along the
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the remnants of the epithelial covering of the chorion. The mesodermic portion of the
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15, [899) has met with a number of grave cases of syphilis among medical
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are indebted to Dr. Stewart's private enterprise, are calculated
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Six days later it was recorded that the lesions had all dried up
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affected surface. Fifteen years ago vesicles appeai-ed,
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the patient being, if necessary, partially anesthetized.
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Chronic Fibrous Pneumonia. Pulmonary Sclerosis, 313
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localities, a high rate of taxation on dogs, and, when cases
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menia had ceased for about three months. She was much deformed about the hips and
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5. Another possibility is that the coma may be due to urcemia. The
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cent.; while from December i8th till January loth, 21
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withovl. Again, the intestinal neoplasms may be malignant or benign in natnie.
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solutions may have influenced their antiseptic power. In