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disease ; but pus, as pus, is not absorbed ; and it is always

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I have found it rather difficult to select a subject that promised to

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each other, and so the patients under their charge. (5) That

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properties, at first for a very occasional human being, and

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hydrolysing monobutyrin. Human milk exhibits this property to a

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possible. To accomplish this. Heath has devised a syringe with

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times it becomes absolutely necessary to tie him down with a sheet or

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and to convert the simple inflammation into a tuberculous one. For this

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In the bottle marked Stibium, 100 parts of powder contain 0.500 Oxyd of

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the school grounds at 8:45 A. M., which does away with tardiness, and

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eight" loops, and these latter are variously shaped, according

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divergent : so that, if we place different objects at different distances

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Long after the body has been freed from its symptoms,

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expansive forces of inspiration acting upon the bronchi of atro-

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in the system ; it multiplies or is reproduced ; it must be vital and amenable

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Simpson, my experience leads me to coincide entirely with Dr. West,

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that this particular knotty problem has gone to someone else. 'Perhaps more

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Cowan, Isabel Worn. Med. Coll., N. Y., '92, Waterbury.

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we have to wipe across an infected field to get the gauze in place, I

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monograph on " Suspension in the Treatment of Spinal

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