the consulting committee of hygiene, and M. Berthelot president
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fibres of the part, there is no gaping of the edges so long as
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% grain of morphia hypodermically every three hours, and even this
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44. Mitchell, Weir : American Journal of the Medical Sciences, July, 1869.
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emphysema, and to diminish the frequency of attacks of
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permanent relief from the headache and tinnitus by one
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142 tests, bile was found in greater or less quantities.
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blood to a very remarkable degree. Cavities of the heart and venaj cavae
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contracts let and before long the first Cottage of our Canadian Sanitarium
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In one of the four fleas the salivary glands were examined
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plied by the left Sylvian artery remains a matter for speculation.
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distribution of the anterior, middle, and posterior cerebral arteries.
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denly. He knew no assignable cause for it. Had no fever
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Mahomed, F. A., M.R.C.S., L.S.A.— Assistant Medical Officer to the
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the contagiousness, experiments in inoculation had proved that both
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The stained cloth can be twisted and rolled between
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C ";-'i^« may be mentioned are tho se of Beg v. Fr^st
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the convention to order remarked that the political in-
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other derangement of the general health ; nor have I seen
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This was especially noticeable in Table V, War., who showed the
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that we cannot agree to ? I do not see why we are, and I
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the service which in the coming future will make the nation
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tion of the epidemic; that comparatively few persons are sus-
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On account of their size, which was too great to permit
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are very vascular and the capillaries much dilated, but there are no
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part of the patient, tend to quiet down the cardiac cir-
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has been previously accurately diagnosed r And how can we
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an able and elaborate statement from one who is recognized as the highest living
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the proportion of developmental cases, whether with or without classes
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The left fallopian tube was nol so fully dis- The only positive evidence ol the exist-
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she vomits now without coughing, but at first two or three times, and then only a mouth-
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is evidence of hemorrhage from the kidneys or below. After soaking
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force of the ciliary movement, it seemed important to determine the
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the pain so effectually as the citric acid lotion ; and
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poisonous, their venom is weak, and that the position of the poison-
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canal its entire length is one of the most important