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tilation. Not only may the ozone itself be harmful, but the higher

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Making of a Doctor." and the subject of the president's ad-

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seasoned foods has also been held responsible for some cases of nephritis.

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ments which might be mentioned here, but every physi-

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terminology of science, which would term it morbid,

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128 Gunshot Wounds of tbe Chest, with Report of a Case. J. Her-

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I went off to bed, hoping that my work was done, but in an hour

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Edgar Allan Poe might have added another verse to his

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— {See Vrolik- Tabula; ad llluMraiuluiii Einhri/u'/enum — Amst,, 18-1'J.

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them lying uncovered, and special care must be taken to avoid

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variati(tns in the digestive action of the different specimens.

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deem myself justified in acting upon a strong expectancy of

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ered by a layer of organized material, and was much

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In diseases of the joints, aside from acute articular rheu-

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glucosides are compared. The experiments often yield contradictory results.

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In order to do so, I shall just run over what is to be found

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between glandular obstructions and nervous prostration, the

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that actual diseases of the arteries and heart, that is, other than the