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VASOTEC but are rarely of clinical importance unless another cause of ahemia coexists. In clinical trials, less than

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When the fit had passed away, the voice of the patient was utterly

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Trousseau speaks of ic as always having " as its primary

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After the lapse of twenty-four hours quit the use of hyoscine and

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5. Hopmann. Bericht iiber die 21. Section der 60ten Natur-

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Bum. — A child, eight years old, was burned by boiling water about eight-

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stages of phthisis are not benefited by the same climate,

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thalmic goitre. Reported cases of goitre treated by thy-

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for hemorrhoids. He was a good thinker, and soon conceived

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of young lives are sacrificed to its impurities. It is not easy to

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beneficial for these patients to drink fairly freely of simple mineral waters,

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the gastric cycle. Bile was certainly commoner in the larger

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case : A private, twenty-four years of age, after some pre-

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As Leprosy is the result of poor food, lack of elimination and

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sake, Sir William Watson, describes, in the " Philosophical Trans-

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hemorrhages, fluxes, phlegmons, and abscesses; teeth entering the difirestiye

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wives are cautioned that if they violate the regulation

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fiional pains in back, but chiefly in stomach ; no vaginal discharge. Died six

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of roses to 3 xij. of liquid. Some drops of this solution in a glass of

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sciences were taught outside the medical school, there would be no diffi-

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catching cold or not. Another characteristic of rhemnatic affections

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Lengthy as it is, this history is, nevertheless, a con.

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Trichiniasis. — At the suggestion of Prof. Rckitansky

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101 The Treatment of Epilepsy. Charles W. Mclntyre.

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-More recently Pappenheim has suggested that the procedure may