In December, 1893, an outbreak of what was said to be

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a definite curative effect on those organs, he was taking

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knife. Each application should be of the size of a shilling, and of

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* To guard against error, it may be well to state that quinoidine is an entirely different

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with water and fatty matters. It is most diffusible and,

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cording to statistics, more than one per cent, of all surgical

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time to time of feeling tired on rising in the morning, his limbs and head ac hr.

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reich's method of operating on a case of internal strabismus

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^ The other organisms commonly found in cultures from the throat on this

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getting steadily worse, his family physician courteously sent him

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fact is that the disease has been communicated by direct application of substances im~

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abdomen, even for this cause, is a grave procedure. How much more so

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ever, only represent averages. It should be noted that the low temperature

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because out of the last five thousand cases of variolous

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on animals; this being due to a constant disengage-

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tion of new means to secure any desired result, his

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place in the tissues may be vacant. These changes take place

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where it lay in the left orbital cavity, and thus gave

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have to be abandoned as hopeless of effecting a cure.

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IV. On some of the Remote Effects of Injuries of Nerves. By Charles W.

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instead of air within the air-cells, with the circulation persisting so as to nourish

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diagnosed when the liver and spleen — or at least one of these two organs,

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ife either by asthenia or apncea, its course is toward convalca-

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Qualification of principals, teachers employed, enrollment,

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health. The cord was firm in texture. Under the microscope, the ganglionic cells appeared

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three to ten minims. The average dose, however, will be

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so often in London were due to the surgeon's not go-

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number of old drains and sewers, but the cutting extended in both

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number of letters were written by those who could not bring themselves to

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beset with many hazards. Chief among these are cerebral apoplexy,

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The collection of papers on Anaesthesia opens with one of

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contagious " diseases must be assumed to come in some cases from the soil

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an inch in Avidth, AA^as gently lifted off the artery, and carefully

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they were permanent grand viziers, and it was largely if

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