fewer and much lighter attacks for several years, be-

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Symptoms. — There are probably no exceptions to the statement that

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the sterno-cleido mastoid muscles, were two soft symmetrical swellings, having

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The Shin l)ini(tHiHii/ liifiincii uml lutrh/ Life. By C. M. ('ami--

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with pleurisy, in which the patient was reduced to the last

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least closely related to heaves, which is largely a neurosis at first.

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been given. The lamp is a modification of the Lortet

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tAbes. Rev. poitngueza de med. e cirurg. prat. Lisb.,

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genital atrophy of the optic nerve. Bichloride of mer-

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Spallanzani, Roma, 1889, 2. s., xviii, 7; 49.— lU'erhec

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dominate. Dr. Charles Amat describes in his thesis a

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being one of the most characteristic symptoms of the disease. Associated

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danger to human life. What though the danger be but slightly greater, is any

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Remote Cause. — The remote cause of this complaint was

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addition to it — a provision dealing Avith venereal diseases. I see no

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the shaft of the bone to its lower fourth; wound was

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disease to which they are susceptible. The brisk competition

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lower border of a tumor mass due to an exudate within the lesser peri-

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than two after he had been pronounced free from the

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and practiced there until 1944, when he joined the staff

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In some cases there were slight reactions and in others intense dis-

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as predisposing influences. It was at one time thought that the children

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acts upon the blood and serum squeezed out of the vessels, and the remains of

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basis of all true science is unprejudiced, uncolored induction from carefully

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the abscess downward, and it may then point at the hip-joint or gain tbe

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should be met with a more careful diet. The bowels should be

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64.03; average 27Ui and 28th, 94.56 ; August 1st, 120.30.

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comes inactive, apathetic, and unhelpful to himself

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proper economy, after which they are forwarded to the Bureau of

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mucus by syringing with plenty of water; | rickety condition of the bones so apt to

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the required report, and had sent it in by mail.— Jour. A. M. A.

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examination. You cannot regret it more than I do, but it could

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are affected by the typhoid poison. The bacilli and the phagocytic reaction

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tended by a gravid uterus of term size. The fetus was

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should be made in all stricture cases. Metallic dilators are to

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little pain, and that confined to one or two jiaroxy^ms