modifications of the hepatic circulation. When per-

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the prevertebral retroperitoneal region near the great

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The prognosis is unfavorable. It is doubtful whetiicr the deposit is cm

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quality of the ferment. Hence it is that in many in-

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poison in asphyxia what the stomach-pump is to poison in the stomach ; and

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are indicated to empty the intestines, and thereby to prevent

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In the hospital, I saw still a female patient, operated on before I arrived,

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he now begins by exhibiting' half a drachm at once. One case is mentioned,

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5. Tables: Appendlclte chez lea enfanti, Revae Otaerale;

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which for the past seventeen years had been irreducible. The protruding

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Arlidge's remarks. Alcoholic-drinking to excess, like all

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of the affected eye, for which he was sent to his county hospital. Under treat-

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If the fracture is immediately over one of the sinuses, and

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of 1908) she had dozed in her garden ; on waking, she " noticed a bed of

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consists in an infiltration of the connective tissue by cells, like those of the

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dissolved and let it boil up at once, when if right it will

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after nnnraal exposure to cold and wet, whilst washing clothes, she was seized with

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affected by opiates of any kind. The hydrocyanic acid, in some cases, is an

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concern over the iodine 131 content of our milk, the

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production of the gastric secretions to the maximum. But

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region — an action evident in a vast many instances, though latent, perhaps,

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effects of the former. Many of the fatal cases were of this cliaracter,

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much debilitated, or the case is periodical, support the system

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above 100, it was seldom less than 120, and in many cases, particularly

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the heat of summer as in winter. In the arctic and cold regions of the

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the complicated series of Nervous diseases, must be always diJficult to

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splenic flexure necrotic and easily torn; colon beyond this point con-,

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Revieyjs and Bibliography. — Gailleton, Elementary Tieatise on

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blood count was 4,272,000; the white blood count, 10,400; the

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tion of the pus ; indeed, a similar condition is also now and then seen in the

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ment and tenderness of the lymphatic glands about the time of the

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confirms her unhappy surmises, and she is perplexed

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