After the death of the first president of Guy's the office was offered

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the more shrewd and unscrupulous, who are thus forced to the wall,

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Goodwin, H. T., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of

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bert, on the other hand, found "the spleen occasionally enlarged to

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has passed. They dry up into brown, or dark green, or black scabs, and

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be kept under surveillance by the surgeon, so that in case any

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toward the inner side so as to be from one-fourth to one-third of

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night ; the next day she did not feel sick, but remained in bed, and on the second

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from whence it could have been easily removed. Lyle

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Du role de I'oxygene de I'air dans I'attduuatiou quasi

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attacked after she had been there for four and a half months ; she had been

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have not time to produce free catharsis, and I also believe there are

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tongue fever in some parts of the country in the winter of

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the upper fistula was cut through, and the distal end sewed

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usual. Sodium chloride exerts a beneficial influence in

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occipital lobe, and to one of these secondary ramifications the

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don Ophthalmic Hospital, Gray's-inn-road, W.C., vice H. A Reeves

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30%, may be reduced to 5%. A considerable proportion of the

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which hardened foecal matter may be distinctly felt.

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This was soon followed by a violent tetanic convulsion. Between the

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" For the particulars of the following case theless have great interest in connection

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with different organisms. Encysted culture two months old

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with 3^„ NaOH solution, using j)heiiol[)lithalein as iudieator,

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to obtain definite scientific data on the subject of the occupational diseases.

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Certainly fusion plays no part in this type of rase, which should yield

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to the sternum ; while she was upheld in the mean time by small

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the fact, that their position varies with the declination of th©

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sive to mild sedation or thiazide therapy. Use cau-

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ultimately lose their galvanic excitability when they have undergone

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