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almost entirely relieved from all distressing symptoms.
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Four successful cases of removal of the stomach are mentioned, but how
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such as cancers, consumptions, rheumatisms, dyspepsia,
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pains and aches which make them very miserable, or of
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there are no facts which prove indeed there is no possibility of
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the candidate's eyes, at 20 feet distance from a point of light 10 mm. in diameter
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On p. 10 it was stated that " There were circumstantial grounds for believing
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Society — a gentleman who has spent considerable time and work in in-
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optimistic in regard to any of the plans for rationing.
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probably did not know what he should do in order to obtain relief
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where fresh air, wholesome food, proper clothing, etc., are rarities,
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when we consider the almost contemporaneous implication of the
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3. Tearing the loose cellular tissue of the interval between the
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relief and encouragement of friends and patient. It would appear, too,