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AVhen resolution follows the second stage, as in most cases of

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phere. Wherever joinings are made between its different

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right side, inflamed eyes, heat at the pit of the sto-

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substance has been used as a means of pressing the arch upwards

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miles in breadth, to proceed in a northwest direction ; and that at some periods,

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Boston ; Faradaism in Obstetrics, by Dr. R. J. Newman, of

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Willan, Bateman, and others ; 2d. The natural arrangement

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muscles, though controlled to a certain extent, and for the per-

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Skin and cut the mushrooms in slices, toss them in melted

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in one case epistaxis, and in another, purpura first appeared. Fre-

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cayed teeth and stumps which happen not to be painful,

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For Biography, see J. d. conn. ni6d.-j)rat.. Par., 1861,

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sugar for four days, at the end of which time he with-

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serious involvement of the general health (emaciation, etc.) ; the diagnosis

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A 10 per cent, gutta-percha plaster of ichthyol has been recom-

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but his appearance was highly strumous. Under the use of

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wound was closed by a suture of No. 2 chromic gut. The patient now stated

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MuNN, Major Curtis E., surgeon, is relieved from duty at Fort

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ately large, and is situated bigher than the tympanic cavity and posteriorly

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the other hand, the measle-like cysticerci of calves and oxen,

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greater. Arbitrarily, I believe, the [)ercentage of tuberculous

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ning and the end thereof, will in like manner be forwarded within

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Inasmuch as this is a hitherto undescribed phenomenon following the

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Supplies and Equipment for Hospital Trains. . . 391

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des deux calcan6unis, traiKse 139 jours apr6s I'accident.

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withheld from the food too long the blood, and finally the

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