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they are not at once capable of producing the disease. Tliey become infect-

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There is no doubt of the truth of this. We might reach a more

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of most evil omen. Sometimes, eve n< during the first stage of the

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Mary L., aged twenty-five, was sent to me in January 1920 for

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weeks, and the femur in six weeks. These, of course,

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others. What, then, is the inevitable result? Naturally very

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My remarks at that time were chiefly regarding the "lecture" and I demonstrated the use

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wards. The Cork Street Fever Hospital provided for 90

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telligent use of instruments may be employed, even if

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distilled water to which a tritlo of j;lyct>nn Iuih been added.

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Owing to obliteration of the arterioles in the alveolar

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water with the addition of rum and syrup of orange peel. .Slight

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It is true that cases of incomplete or neglected abor

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himself, for he says of his own motion,, not quoting

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not to be thought to require ordinarily the use of remedies, and in which

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opinions as to the nature of her trouble and as to what

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ether, it disagrees. The ether may sometimes be given with advantage half

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tive sense of numbness in some localized part, and even a girdle sense.

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Chateaubriand of a broncho-pneumonia which brought her to the very

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the synovial sac renders it incapable of absorption, and

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attending physician. Dr. Modell, a case in which the temperature had been

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stream must depend on some means of identifying the transfused cor-

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The most satisfactory method of applying the constriction is

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that diverse causes may produce similar effects, and that the same cause

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wine. External warmth is also a powerful auxiliary, and bottles

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mination of the case, he was not to be visited with an action to mulct him for

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their course, and was accustomed to discourage such attend-

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known as parthenogenesis ; that is, the ovum expressing its first

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vestigated an epidemic of scarlet fever in the Soldiers' and

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from this class of diseases out of the whole population in one year, being

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advance with each pain ; however they became weaker, and

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Present state (January, 1899). — The patient is a woman,

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various features. Of the 140 cases, 87 were males, 53

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that which he and all of his school recognized as the " Physical Basis