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that Dr. Mork gained his M.D., at Hamline, at the age
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In most cases there is one abscess only ; but in some cases there are
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relative distance and direction of all the points of the visible surface of
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liable to a cutaneous affection, which forces them to intermit their work for
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the top of each turgid pustule, and at that spot the cuticle breaks,
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As a general rule, the hygienic circumstances required by conservatism in
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of treating the disease ; of w^hich general methods I will
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disease ; in both ossific union was unquestionable. In
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infection must also be as free as possible from blood which con-
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cuous every after-birth and dead foetus. Each stall and the
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page of our present issue, as Editor. In looking forward to this change,
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touch, and as the room in which I was operating (a ten-
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varying blood volume as were afforded by sudden and considerable changes in
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headache. Before concluding what I have to say about
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partly by applying such fluids to open wounds. In the former case a rapidly
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somewhat remarkable and of great practical interest. The female
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if cancer is always preceded by another but benign condition, which is
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He regards sulphate of iron as the best disinfectant for choleraic
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derant degree of intemperance among medical men. It
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tions of our State to tide-water and its proximity to
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string of pearls. More rarely the proximal and middle pha-
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p. 80. — 69. Trousseau. Lectures, trans, by Bazire, 1866, p. 261. — 70. Ibid. p.
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effect that Apostoli claims to getin enlarged uteri. It is the contraction
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prevails epidemically, or by the introduction of a sick body, or of
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Dr. M. O. Terry, of Utica, N. Y., who was the first physician to
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We are justified in concluding, therefore, from these experiments, that Chlorine
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in which the age exceeded 50, eight had the abdominal form, i. e. typhoid fever.
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system was at Crovdon, but experience shows that the excreta are not passed
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dear bought experience that such errors will be ultimately
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the same time, at the termini of the transverse and shortest
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six hours before his death, symptoms of indigestion ap-
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valescent. He lost his left arm some time ago from a railway accident. This
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busy taking evidence in the Laval-Victoria case. He