cause enlargement of the heart and be followed by degenerative

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fiw thiee or four days, the fever grows higher, and symptoms of hyper-

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Essay ou typhoid fever. Tr. Hainp.sliire M. .Soc, Man-

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becomes extensive or troublesome the ordinary reme-

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Observations on a Case of Multiple Typhoid Periostitis.—

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opportunities of instruction. It would be difficult to find two sane persons

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only minor visual field loss. Timing is therefore impor-

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was taken sick suddenly with headache, pain and stiflFness in

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namely, fresh fruit and vegetables, watercress, lemon or orange juice, wine,

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tinguish transitory and accidental phenomena from those that

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serum. It had given way at the posterior part, leaving a circular

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other, we may practically ignore the mooted question of defibrination.

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their vasoconstrictor action have the power of reducing

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nities of studying iledical etiquette even in its most prominent bearings.

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and other spasmodic diseases ; he points out the necessity of

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monia), and the refuse of beasts slaughtered for food.

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so much resj^ect on account of the great contributions they have made

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(sincium ei iaxinn) was probably the professor who then lectured

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cur, or, if they occur, they are too slight to be noticed.

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Twenty-five drops of Laudanum, and an equal quantity of the Chloroform Mixture, with one

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after being ill for more than three weeks. He was born in Shelbourne, N. Y., on

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[20] Idem. " Beitriige zur physiologischen Gcburtskunde," ibid., p. 74.

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and that is, to have them vaccinated, or inoculated

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ment of the uterus and ovaries. On the third day after

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they are commoner in men and extremely rare in childhood. They are, as

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in beriberi vitamins, and in addition consume a definite amount of meat

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of the older ^^Titer8 that birds, and particularly the sjiarrow, have

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rapid from the beginning, or, if not rapid, variable, so that the slightest

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ease. This might be accounted for either by supposing that it had

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Mag., Phila., 1889-90, ii, 655.— dc Scii weiiiitK (G. E.) &

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the appendices epiploicae of the colon, being quite sufficient to

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