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ix. 425. Also: Gaz. de gynec. Par.. 1887. ii, 196-198. —
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secondary manifestation in certain general infectious diseases, such as
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true condition of the decidua or mucous membrane of the uterus in early preg-
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those described in the section on neurasthenia. Aside from these
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out any investigation to lead them to the source of thy disor-
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to see a child of four and one-half years of age that had fallen down
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The operation is comparatively simple, and free from
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permanent relief from the headache and tinnitus by one
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from all quarters, and caiition is continually advised. Dr. James
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study of good preparations and drawings, so as to hang up in the cab-
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certain experimental inoculations made by William Pepper, which
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coexistent with commencing action in the previously un-
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warmth that results from a little arm-swinging, a few
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sive congestion of the mucous membrane, with perverted sensibility ;
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cases in which, after errors in diet, comatose conditions
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a long time forming ? My father thinks that the fatigue and exposure
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part, the other from the back part, to show how much of this sub-
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peared to be proportional to the number of the bites, and presumably
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often are by a most plausible series of Illustration and an almost Irreslstlbre
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various groups in the future. Of course, it is evident that there are cases of
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with a heavy bar on the back, falling at once into a condition of pro-
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of temperature. During examination of the patient the bladder
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symptoms of poisoning, especially the "air hunger" symp-
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been aware that " the house-fly, as we know it, is absolutely the
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ties cannot be opposed. The face is small and the features
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tion favors bacterial growth, while in larger quantities it
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dent point and this fact is taken advantage of by every surgeon. Even
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of speech and hearing does not imply want of capacity either in the under
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ratio of vaginal to cervical site of origin (classification
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Hamrick, J. Y., Jr., Boiling Springs, P. and S., N. Y., 1916 1916 1917
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over. Caution snould always be given as regards the danger of trauma or
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Synonym. — Acide plienique cru, Fr.; rohe carbolsaure, G.
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realizes the importance of the Sanitary Privy in the Prevention of
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tainly pierce the thoracic and abdominal fasciae respectively,