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avoided. — Cetiiralbl. fur klin. Med., No. 46, 18S7.

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say, close. Now you see how necessary ventilation is. In

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thing to receive these apologies in a delicate manner.

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the clinician is content with “trial and error”

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found among recruits that the average in men of twenty years was for

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removes from the original source. Others believe it to result

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it happens, if this able teacher be correct in his interpretation

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Whatever be the mode in which the strangulation is produced, the symp-

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chance, should remain a sufficient length of time at the re-

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variety of degree and character, under every circumstance of pre-

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and fatty casts. The daily quantity can not be ascertained. De-

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We have received copies of two excellent addresses, one of

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systemic treatment given, where necessary. J, T. D.

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mended by Bulkley, has often given the "^'"^''^ disease, of which it would appear

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no instance did he detect the absurdity portrayed. " Seven from

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in making their appearance, come through and do not decay, the swell-

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course of skin affections, contenting ourselves by making the observa-

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by the superaddition of what will then become an irritant poison. In

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Medicine. The staff consists of a director with three

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of the Institutes of Medicine and Clinical Medicine

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Gastric atid Duodenal Ulcer}^ — No differentiating characteristics

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preparatory to forceps or version ; (if) in case of a dead

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Hebra first tried to introduce some order by restricting the term to

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zymotic diseases, the primary derangement is essen-

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The patient remained comfortable until 4 o'clock, A.M., of the 22d,

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rious in inflammatory diseases, but De Haen, Storck,