fatal cases were observed generally. The disease consequently
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10th. The paper mould being perfectly dry and solid, I
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vaginal fistula ; history of a case. Med. Herald, Louisville,
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lantyne, M. D., Edinburg; John J. Walsh, M. D., New Yoric; John
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easily reduced on the first manipulation on the day of
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— and is a most important one. Another feature is the polymorphism, or
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The extensive use of this drug is entirely owing to its intro-
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biologic reactions. Kinsella and Swift, from a study of a limited
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year following her discharge from the hospital, that is, up to Jan. 1,
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mens of two distinct races, while the bovine and human
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Lesser, Adolph, physician in Berlin, born 1851. — Triangle
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important facts regarding the material which is yielded by
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tures are looked at both before and after they are put in posi-
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nuria Dr. George Johnson opened it, and defended his
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;ht and morning, and about 40-50 grains of the ointment
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of organic disease rather than of functional. By the time one
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Bit. III. — Climatologie dee Stations Hiyemalee da Midi de la France. (Pan,
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It is clear, therefore, that the hospital accommoda-
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association, which adjourned in 1860 in New York to meet in St. Louis
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practical commonsense to advise and direct lesgislation. Dr.
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under medical supervision, but when he passes into the
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tidvice an X-ray photograph (Fig. III.) was taken by Dr.
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etc., has, consequently, nothing to fear as long as the urinary depuration
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of the leucocytes, well defined, but taking the ordinary stains less
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importance to provide some rapid means of cure, for in such
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of primary pelvic disease, the abdomen was opened and the
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ing behavior. Journal of Clinical Psychology , 1974, 30, 431-438.
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s willing to sell an entire pint at an additional cost of merely 2 cents to the
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strengthening the cast at the sole of the foot, a strip of
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