treated with opium. For over a month she has been taking laudanum
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mens a number of retained nerve fibers which, however,
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1896, XX, 301-307. — Tillaux. Sur la patliogenie des der-
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in the third week in ordinary cases, the temperature begins to show
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salutary lessons from the statistics of the health of the navy which are
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which disappeared whenever the armature was connected with
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that the whole course of the malady, its morbid anatomy, with the growths of
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severe, a fatal issue is not to be expected as long as there is no rheumatic,
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the heart's beat is greatly increased without there being any obvious
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rangement of the stomach and bowels. Cutaneous eruptions
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besides being attending physician to the New York Found-
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are liniments of Aconite, Chloroform, or Opium. A piece of flannel
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aversion to all exertion, and absolute depression, and abject apathy. In most cases, the
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and open joint and especially an infected wound, with
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and Rayer, of which the author, although he evidently looks
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ing in every other respect, agree in being both recognised by sjTnptomatic
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the hypertrophy of the gland is very great. In certain
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is a young man aged 24, a policeman, the father of three
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modified the point of view somewhat by regarding the chyle-fat as a pro-
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clined plane. Now they are almost all treated in the
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" Cruydtboeck " of Dodoens published by Plantin in 1581, and also the
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Dr. John Cooper, of 33 St. James Place, who recognized a fracture of the lower ex-
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membrane, into the sub-mucous space, the object being to
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3% (n=47) to a home health-care agency, and 1% (18)
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chronic form of renal disease precede the fit by a few minutes or hours.
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outer wall of the nose, either over the mWdle turbinate
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deaths, making a rate of g.oS per cent. The fifteen
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occurrence, there having been at the same time several other
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lichen ruber planus are most variable. In some subjects, especially
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keeping the womb in its elevated position, and prevent its