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The curative power of blisters is probably due far more to reflex
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bowels. The pulse was full and quick, the skin dry, and sleep
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cases in which, after errors in diet, comatose conditions
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would be to permit the infant to die at birth, in order
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south. It is undoubtedly caused by the inhalation of some agent connected
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ture newborns, attempting to modify or reduce cellular
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there were sixteen of severe functional neu- cology. The teehnic is somewhat difficult
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Yellow Fever Increasing in Texas. — From Laredo, Texas,
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Seaton, E., M.D., G, Upper College Street, Nottingham
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diminution in the calibre of the bloodvessel have been noticed. These
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This disease seems to Dr. T. to be a peculiar form of inflammation and ulcera-
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book, including the drugs of most value, with a description
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analogy favors the probable location of active (emoto-motor) or
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if the attacks are frequently repeated, sleep, stupor, or deep coma will
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and consequent gastrectasis. I performed a posterior
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mended at varioas times a great variety of drugs, but the general want of
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rabbits. The details of the experiments are not given. Immunization led to
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was slightly enlarged and painful. The erysipelas yielded to the em-
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of vomiting; the matters rejected containing a little
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of sulphate of morphia in suppository, per vaginam, at night. Barley
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later in the form of a serous pleuritic effusion, in which strep-
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which I saw the first two cases that I did see of the influenza, all
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•Mi r -tj . N- : :■ vTvSt-nt knowledge, is, it involves a functional mur-
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Alcohol, the dose of which is a tablespoonful three times a day.
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tacked by malignant diphtheria, attended with considerable ganglion-
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" The arrangement of the subjects to which the author refers in the
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simple operation ; but an operation performed for the
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poison the wife of Dr. Beard, toj;ether, no doubt, with much
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and the child was intensely suffering. He had adopted Sayre's method, using a
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the local disease. This fact, although obvious, is apt to be overlooked. Lesions
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stantly met with in the new-born ; but some others, and especially the
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cine for Women; with an Introduction by Sir Henry Thompson,.