ness and prevention of disease during the approaching summer, have been

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manner. Indeed, the whole article, from which the following extract is

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which hardened foecal matter may be distinctly felt.

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known as menstruation, or the monthly flow. In order that concep-

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2. In fracture of the base of the skull, or if tht injury extend there.

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whatever to labeling their goods "compound," "adulterated,"

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of the leading tj-pes of phthisis, the lecture concluded with a

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week, and then may be given only when the temperature is

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" There seem to be but three conditions under which early amputa-

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with a solution of morphine.— The Medical /'irss.

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If we have taken in the correct meaning of the author in this

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an Illinois regiment. In September, 1878, he located in St. Peter, specializing in

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a belief that pollens other than the ones which gave positive tests

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ence of well- meaning but oppressively anxious friends,

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The Late Lewis Hall Sayre, M.D. — At a meeting of

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| Christison quotes a case in which ten grains destroyed life within the same

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form was in one of his ordinary attacks. The inhalation of

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lobe. It contains within it the hippocampus major, pes hippo-

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Dr. G. £. Seaman of Milwaukee^ warned against the use of the Carmal-

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in some other internal organ. If the case is an intricate one, he

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space by means of gravity. At times it is necessary to insert the

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yet the microscopical appearances and the mode in which it

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generally tremulous, and in a large proportion of cases convulsions soon

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indeed simultaneously with, the exposure to cold or damp, on the assump-

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quently in order to pick out these necrotic masses,

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most appropriate cases, with great caution. Several years ago,

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mittee meeting for information. Matters presented for Council

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patient we can authoritatively state the kind of malaria from which

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A Criticism. — The object of the present research is to

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these cases, it may be pointed out, that the diagnosis of acute periostitis of

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ish Medical Journal presents a report on London mas-

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of the World's Exhibition in London and New York. Nearly

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fracture from gunshot injuries. The character of a fracture and