ment for the illegal practice of medicine, this penalty

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countryman, Dr. S. D. Jacobsen, resided in Chicago. When I asked him

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cians. Virchow's teaching still further separated the idea of infection

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ascertain the true nature of the case, and justify you in refusing sanction to

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than the globules of the blood, and were perfectly distinguishable by the micro-

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such as lobelia and grindelia robusta; the rapid deter,

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the muscular fibres. Disease of either segment causes loss of voluntary

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as they feel that as the child is sick, he should at once be given medicine

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cil on the 6th inst., Mr. J. Booth, C.B., in the chair, after the

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dyspepsia, and that whenever the disease is accompanied by much irri-

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schr., 1896, ix, 1207-1214. Ai,so,Keprint.— Hiic(J.) Corps

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consequently they could not walk. Their sensations above the

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which he conferred the Honorary Fellowship of the College

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to functional activity that it is almost akin to vital force itself.

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phosis was one of the symptoms presented. Erb bad considered

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so dangerous as in endocarditis ; and we must entirely agree with

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of quinine every hour for three doses, wine and brandy

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uncertain, that until the complaint has passed from its first stage, that of

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crease in size, are indicated by impaired percussion resonance or dulness and

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tion of the urine, and its range of usefulness- much wider

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are not easily had. The value of a correct history cannot be underesti-

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was in the dissecting room. He put a piece of wood, supposed

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formerly considered partially immune. Males are more liable to the disease

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every other day. This should strictly be called ' secundan ague ; ' but

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over two years. Microscoi)lc examinations of feces on four different days

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