ceeded by violent convulsions. 4.33. — Howling as if in pain or fear,

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delusions of suspicion and poisoning, may occur, these cases

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\ death may take place as a result, in part, of gangrenous inflammation and

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by an atmosphere both warm and moist ; and here again much

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cavity of the pleurae. < the possibility of its very rapid increase; of

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Of the false or misinterpreted phenomena we may enu

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produced a fatal infection in rabbits when injected intravenously. Taylor, 17

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administering any of these drugs on account of their toxic effects.

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tenderness was felt ; as also in the examination per rectum.''

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should make their visits unattended by the superintendents,

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ed harmless and efficient as medicine by passing thiough scientific hands

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liquified, I then add that liquid to glycerine sufficient to

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in the knee-joint, though it is not mentioned in surgical writings.

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and numberless microbes, are to be rendered innocuous. While recu-

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current is increased by means of the rheostat till the milliamporemeter

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quently lying within the cells. A differential diagnosis from the

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when the whole drug is used. Aloes increases the circulation in

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of the machine are to come up to standard. The subjects of the second year

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Hofmeier's hospital in Wurzburg states tonic comp. in this direction readily ac-

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(quartan parasite), and Plasmodium immacidahim^ (i:estivo-autumnal

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of the kidney in such a location as to permit an escape of urine

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labours. 28d. Very little expansion of right side of chest even on deep inspiration.

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his father for state control of midwives and inveighs bitterly

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confinement. Acquired goitre occurs most frequently in childhood, before

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tracheotomy tube, so that there is no risk of fluid chloroform

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should always be directed to the improvement of patho-

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shoulder. There is a marked tendency to splint the liver as shown by

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tooth-brush, though it excoriate the gums and leave its bristles sticking in

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of fluid by lumbar puncture, which relieves the pressure. -Repeated

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being sufficient, the same amount of nitrogen supplied in the

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principally for its tonic effect. The cold coil has

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tinatum ( cvclodialvsis ), irido-dialysis and dislocation of

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that in lobar pneumonia (i) chloride of calcium reduces

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treated otherwise. The practice of conducting parturition

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Morris, on "The Etiology of Catarrhus Baltimoriensis."

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cerned, we incline to the opinion that the senior Medical officer