rapid dilatation of the nostrils; pulse 120, soft and full; surface bathed with

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nervous child. It is not very sicJc, Its digestion is bad. You

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tive tissue in the organ makes a very favorable basis for the forma-

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strong, shaking the ear of the auscultator, and instead of the

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members of the group have been recognized as constituents of animal tissues,

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what on exposure to bright light. My friend, Mr. I.aw-

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precise auscultatory signs, and these have gone to the clear

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of treating the disease ; of w^hich general methods I will

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manner. Indeed, the whole article, from which the following extract is

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iodine, and also upon the skin to destroy ringworm. It ia

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"8. On the. EmJtryology of Echinoderms and liadiates generally. — By Assistant

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two single uteri lying side by side, each possessing its own os uteri and

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and will relate a case. A few years ago I was called in passing to see a

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goods." Morphin-ether-chloroform anesthesia is valuable in

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of condensed milk to four of water. Salt is added in proportion of one tea-

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in their structure, nor even closed through the im-

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The number and value of its periodicals ; the rapid succession of new standard

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tion was made at a very late hour, but when the patient

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The report from the Standing Committee on Medical Literature was

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remain. These early symptoms have been explained by von Monalunr' to

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separated, even if a considerable thickness and agam fish has been most unsatisfactory

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doubt that a lesson learned at the bedside or operating-

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many other cases, and without any harmful effect. He has usually used

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symptoms being of minor importance. To quote an example :

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of thalline), one to be used on going to bed, allowing it to re-

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evacuation of cysts, curettement, etc. In all plastic opera-

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a muscular capsule. Beneath these is a capsule of fascia, which is

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On November 15th the following result was obtained : —

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condition of sanitary progress, addressed to one hundred and sixty-seven men

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has also been found a slight increase in the diameter of the shaft at

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an operation can be performed when the growth is discov-

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(2) the second being a reflex effect upon the heart, the result

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of inflammation throughout the cord, or by pulmonary phthisis or other

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Kennedy and Marshall b used two brands of tankage made by Chicago