About 35 years ago certain classes of fungi were dis-
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one is placed at the end of the tube and two laterally, as near the
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they constitute the most frequent seat of tuberculosis in cirrhotic subjects.
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but still the vision of one eye is less perfect than that
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S, sensory tract of lateral column, according to view of Gowers, Woroschiloflf, Ott, and others
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of any other nation in the known world, in proportion to their numbers.
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Sec. 4. Five members of the Executive Council in meeting shall
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directions should be given as to the diet, sponging, and disinfection of
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/•H S?@) increased in size and more transparent, their
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at its meeting, Nov. 21, three new deodorizing agents, which he re-
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measures, he thinks, are unnecessary and may be serious in
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according to the structure of its different parts, and transmitted by the
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consciousness, and eclampsia which persisted for several days. The child
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of the interior of the joint as regards the infolded tissue.
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by Dr. John B. Deaver, of Philadelphia. Dr. Deaver spoke
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in the muscle, which slowly becomes larger, or, what is rather more frequent,
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sibly from an operative standpoint, that the greatest like-
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very sick. 2nd day: vomiting ceases, other symptoms appear;
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Boih the cartilaginous pad and the tendon are liable to injury,
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of the attack, he could see, hear, and understand (con-
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ture with an ajjerient; to use hot fomentations; afterwards hot moist
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since been carried out, is to have the mirror attached
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of saving many of my friends and pupils ; for, without its adoption,
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In the treatment of secondary cataract, I have had only
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ber. Peoria M. Month., 1887-8, viii, 48-50.— liandesberg
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rological Society, held Monday last, the .Asylum Bill
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in bed, blisters to the nape of the neck, and purgatives caused marked improvement
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The hot dry skin was an important indication of treatment.
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slightly or partially trained. Continued driving, even in one very well accus-