foreign graduates are applying for licensure in Wisconsin every year. And this appears to

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sive changes in the basal ganglia, apparently degenerative in

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We give them food that they can not digest any sooner than a

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Schirman, BaLPH J.-, 5005, San Francisco, Baltimore Med. Coll., Md., March 30, 1893.

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at Aberdeen." The letter was signed by George Kerr, extra-

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gangrene may result if life is prolonged and the dose considerable.

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features and anatomical characters is almost the exact counter-

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oedematous at times ; the pancreas is normal. The suprarenals

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Government, after a searching investigation, permitted

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I would also mention certain mental or nervous disturbances,

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between the magnitude of the blood-mass and the amount

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Beef Court of Inquiry, appointed to investigate General Miles' charges

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vascular phenomena will put one on the right track. The simulation of

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take care of the new subjects of them. Families are not

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symptoms, both motor and sensory, do not often extend above the knees or

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Yet she appeared better, and expressed herself as feeling so. Pulse

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without the assistance of a scalpel ; along the side of the heart

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given early in the disease. In treating croup, preference is given to

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anti-scorbutic diet consists of germinated peas and beans,

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2d. Atrophy, from the pressure of the exudate upon the muscu- .

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developed. I have also here before me on the table the

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4. Purpura and Visceral Symptoms; Purpura Abdominalis;

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Ernest Clarke, M.D., B.S. Lond., Surgeon to the Central London

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tracting vesicular walls also, like any elastic substance

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" Medical extras are not favoured — we give liberal

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involves the crico-arytenoideus posticus first. This muscle widens the

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often three or four times a day for several days in succession, and

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margin of the internal sphincter, about four inches above

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