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Civil Hospital at Strasburg has been founded, and is main-

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These Indians were scattered all over the country, and, as

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which it occupies, the stricture above so yields that when tlic

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irritation and friction. The great omentum was only repre-

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spasm upon the swelling of the bronchial glands, or possibly

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repeat, the process of propagation was not found in any of the autopsies.

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seen to be a gradual but steady increase year after year.

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his father, would have done well to make it complete. The-

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inches in diameter. It is consequently, when locked, fitted to inclose a larger

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indented edges. The young colonies present a glass-wool-like appear-

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Without going into details, it may be well briefly to mention a few of these

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consists of the commendation of an individual ; but, how well so-

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being due not to an increase in size but to a tipping for-

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The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal :'' "A crime

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if by chance, they emit light after the stimulus, i.e., ex-

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do we get so much better results from the use of the elastic

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sequel to a case of [nephrectomy] (W. M. Baker) . , 127

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in a terrible condition, countenance anxious, pulse rapid,

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leave of absence for 7 days from June 27, 1906. June 14, 1906.

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distance of three inches from the mouthi)iece of tlie

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neared a large iceberg, which reduced the temperature of the air

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a thick porridge, was found. A most careful search failed to

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Though no metaboUsm experiments were made in this case, the continued

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cavity then presented rather grayish walls, from which there was only slight hemorrhage,

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ous, and further, because the efficacy of the chalybeate springs in this

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of manhood, physically and intellectually. The races

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bath too long. In the surf, for example, a bath of five or ten or

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palpitations. The mind in such cases is frequently irritable and des-

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Thus a retroverted uterus, proctitis, or a displaced kidney may indirectly