injury, there is found a firm ligament less than one-half
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Technics of Maunsell's Method of Intestinal Anastomosis
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century after Christ, came Galen, who, though he encouraged
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morrhoids, menstruation, pregnancy, hunger, costiveness, the act
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tirely from diphtheria (diphtheroid*). The latter is
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between this spirometer and the recording spirometer is that in the
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as the resected extremities were united with catgut.
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with a principle which cherishes growth and which presides over every
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intervals (so that the mouth can be freely opened), the fact that the hands are
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insane person. Care is also taken to avoid receiving prenniure visits
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The following spring a careful study of the anatomy of the muscles and
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stomach. If the tongue is uniformly coated from base
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of these, a woman affected with a lepra, who kept an orange
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Dr. D. M. TnoKER thought children did not require whisky-
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for the production of the inertia — viz. cold — and the same
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me to pass the sound, which entered with such ease as
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pectus of Training-School for Nurses, Rules for the Convalescent
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an antispasmodic, to relax the muscular system, in hernia,
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state prison offenses were the acts of men born mem-
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travenously, and (c) intraspinally and intravenously in combination.
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cotics, or exhausted by his attempts to defend himself. Thirdly, in all cases
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least closely related to heaves, which is largely a neurosis at first.
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surrendered to commercialsm ; but we would be deterred from
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injury, there is found a firm ligament less than one-half
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verse fracture of patella, the lower third being .separated
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hyperaemia or congestion is not adequate evidence that inflammation has
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a"ree that the slight operation of curetting would be
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some thick soft texture. If his hands be the seat of anassthesia, they seem
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cal composition of the organs, and in their physiological offices
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his having eaten a bad dinner, is certainly questionable ; but
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of as high a temperature as she could bearj lirely absent in other parts of the muscular
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toms pointed to stone in the kidney and it was a case for
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We regret to announce the death of Captain W. G. Shand,
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showed pericolitis with adhesions, subperitoneal nodules, congestion of
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tive procedures, and I may as well emphasize this feature of the flap