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ligated, for ligatures cut quickly through uterine tissue ;

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Dr. Sayre presented a mamma removed for supposed scirrhous tumor

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The arachnoid over the interpeduncular space was thickened and opaque. All

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wine. External warmth is also a powerful auxiliary, and bottles

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dark bands on the wall, tortuous, often branched, and

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fifteen years of age, while only i. 75 per cent, took place

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decomposition of Pfluger's organized protoplasm. Folin has therefore

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for the blood dilution from the mixing pipet when placed upon them flows by capil-

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and in certain others which will be referred to later there had existed a

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b From Dioskorides, iv. 90. The technical name from

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same character as that caused by the application of an ammoniacal

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of the cervical canal. The growth is granular on section and readily

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momentary relief, which is presently followed by a greater evil, namely,

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all the milk from dairies is tuberculous to a degree. It is certain that

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within the personnel ceiling prescribed by higher headquarters.

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some work in library reading every year and I think the teachers have been

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SARY DINNKK of this Society will take place on 'Wednesday,

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sleeplessness, irregular heart action, indigestion and loss of appetite.

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sleep at night She is nervous and ready to get up at six o'clock

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poses of growth, then, vegetable proteids are just as

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nonbattle injury cases are classified as disease cases. Patients

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1892. Then he retired from practice and removed to Monroe,

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vice-president; Dr. George R. Moore, secretary; Dr. Dunbar

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contused wound that causes the trouble. Gelatin may contain tetanus

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Aikmann to yield in many cases to salicylate of sodium

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fairly established the symptoms are very distinctive. Sensory changes,