the malady which ended so unexpectedly and suddenly, we determined to institute a post-
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make an allowance on a case in the Orient almost as
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It is my present purpose to give a short review of the clinical
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ited experience say that Christian Fenger was the most profound and
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plained the cases under discussion. In some the mental
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our duty to see how medical defects are likely to arise in reference to the
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segments or proglottides of some species of tape- worm. Worms
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a small area above the wrist and the upper arm, may be regarded as composed
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do not vary with the individual case except in degree, and it is
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Wherever the specific bacilli are found, the diagnosis is certain.
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should always be confined within the bounds of salivation; that the general
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few instances have been recorded of its having been an impediment
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years of academic life are to be devoted to strictly technical
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Local Causes. Faulty treatment is agreed to be the most fre-
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80 often expressed in taking saline cathartics. Instead of nauseating a delicate stomach, i
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Although the root of Samhuciis is the poisonous part, it is
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More recently Dr. Albert E. Sterne 1 has reported the use
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0.815 and 0.822, respectively ; three cases combined with mitral stenosis
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1943 graduate of the University of Illinois College
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©Weight Watchers International, Inc. 1985 owner of the Weight Watchers
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occurred July 11, since when 82 deaths have been re-
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showed the tubes of Ferrein and the Malpighian bodies to be much misshapen,
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when it occurs in connection witli various diseases, does not in general
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also been ascertained that sheep are affected with an epizootic disease, called
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we can be sure that it is not merely from accidental
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ined, secretions analyzed and differentiated, every
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Section of Surgery, — "Septic Peritoneal Infections; Qassification and
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and the probable existence of some passage of communication
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negative. The liver is usually enlarged and tender on pressure; this enlarge-
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selves as candidates for a diploma and membership of such Society, and
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rapidity ; irrilatioQ of the nerve causes greater inhibition, anil
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ing emotions (particularly severe, and protracted griqf) have been the
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sodium, and dissolved completely in dilute nitric acid.
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First we found that we had underestimated the cost of con-
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segments or proglottides of some species of tape- worm. Worms
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in a condition of almost permanent restriction, and men-
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