ents, such as tannic acid in some form, lead acetate, or copper

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injected into the diseased tissues with decided benefits. One-half to

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Formol, which has recently been proposed as an antiseptic,

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M.A., M.D., Cantab., AnajsthetistandIn.structor in Auajsthetics

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because of some deformity or disease about the eye, ear,

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Dr. Taylor, of New York, thought the urethral spasm

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der the administration of the Act, 21 & 22 Vic, c. 64, accord-

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once formed, is not so easily evacuated ; witness the cases

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what appear to !"•■ different causes produce similar effects. Thus violent.

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ately large, and is situated bigher than the tympanic cavity and posteriorly

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to the side of the lesion, recovered within three days to such an extent

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cently visited rubeolous patients. Physicians may in this way diffuse the disease."***

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allel swing depends on the orientation of the subject’s head

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when the contents of the grey-black stomachs are considerably

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cough complicated by scarlatina. ] Ejened. iour. "Prakt.

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33. Mr. W. F. K., set. 40, May 20, '98. Variety, spasmodic ;

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states that the pulse may fall to 28 beats per minute or even lower in these

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run in the posterior wall, but from the parovarium first in the broad

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associated air-containing tissue, tuberculous lesions quickly result, and

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membranes becoming involved, an increase of the fever, headache,

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Furthermore, if hypertrophy of the parathyroids really occurs

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bidity was insignificant. As a tribute to the medical men this ex-

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posture there was a folding over of the stomach wall

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above, as I infer, also, from the .situation to which it is limited, is an aortic

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birth, death and marriage, in each case modest-ly but far

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first half of the nineteenth century enabled the educated part of the

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alteration, and by a relation of the progress of each.

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aromatic oils, and by my recollection that my old teacher.

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nunciation of classical Greek than the pronunciation

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and a very little choking in the throat ; the discomfort has lately

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27, 1922) he remains in excellent health, although still having

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R^istrar of Records of the Health Department, has sub-

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Thus I have three cases of angina pectoris to report, two

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criminal brain as it would be to speak of an insane

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Paralysis of cranial nerves, inequality of pupils, or the presence of optic

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pumped, or the fountain syringe is elevated six feet or more. The

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porosity and slowness in drying, it follows that such a collodion is particularly

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fcetor of the breath, and universal pallor of the skin, which are seen in no

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posed Pott's disease jvas found to have the same condition.

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(2) the second being a reflex effect upon the heart, the result