pressing both tables. The injury is apparently slight, though in

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Dr. A. O. Bogert, who was in daily attendance, recog-

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first at his home, at No. 4 Marlborough Place, London, I was received with

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also became very meagre. The following prescription was

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W. R. Miller, Dr. E. J. McKnight, Dr. N. A. Burr, Dr. W. H.

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that are clear, dry, and bracing, and equally so are damp stables

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Oil of turpentine has long been recommended in iritis

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Frederick Treeves about the same time, all is of interest to us from

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A lesion of the pons may affect the sensory bundle of the trifacial nerve at

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An analogy between the successful and fatal cases was then

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define and to mark out the limitations of the practice of

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or degeneration of the brain-substance. Both receive the name

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in various proportions with mildly astringent or anti-

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or acute paralysis. Sometimes chronic inflammation of the spinal

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Medicine and Surgery, the President of the American Medical Asso-

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imaging scan of the brain shows vasogenic edema extending throughout the right cerebral hemi-

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(especially those in this city) will be given, and the

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extraction of the child. Tne fundus having the thickest por-

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Sims, Lord Northclift'e, and General Biddle also spoke. Prince

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sudden rupture in some untoward direction, to over-

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ities ? And have they been quite just to medical men

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cheap in price, which can be readily referred to in the study of what is admit-

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and pleasure ground attached, requires a large staff. The

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of the spasm being excited by the direct exercise of those

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as well as in proximity to the nose. There seems to be no

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26th, morning 101. evening 103.1; 27tb, morning 101, evening 103.5; 28th, morning 102,

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inflammatory processes and, so long as it is well borne by the stomach, favor

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infection. Usually there is a history of some slight

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limp and flaccid at the side. The child makes no voluntary effort

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this may be explained by the fact that the tissues are

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the mucous membrane showed greater changes, a mottled reddening,

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Once a year for sixty years, my worthy predecessors in this chair

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scarlet fever cases. Not so much work has been done in

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ported in Havana, with sixteen deaths. Nearly all of

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