In our preliminary experiments on the cultivation of rat trypanosomes

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pn comparison with non-malignant tumors of the region.

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cavity, are uniformly fatal ; but if the rupture occurs in the under part of the

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and the patient then contracted constitutional syphilis.

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and steep it in 1 pt. of new milk, until nearly ^ the quan-

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was a warty excrescence, the size of a coffee-bean, soft in consistence, composed of

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ex-President of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association, of

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wrist ; his intellect, however, never became impaired. This morning he died at four

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diet, is not suflBciently nourishing to prevent scurvy, and in

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of symptoms in the Jamaica ginger, bay-rum, and methyl

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Eli Lilly and Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana 46206

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by a French physician, Dechilly, 1 has recently been revived by Dr. Her-

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of the glands in the cervical region. Fig. 5 shows the

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Number and composition of the stones. — It was our impression at the

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calized pain in about the middle and inner side of the

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.sides and to the front by the pars intermedia. The entire anterior boundary of the cleft is

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vents for uric acid, and great difference of opinion exists among

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is, homozygosity), protein C or S deficiency, antithrombin

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sation, it would be found that almost every cause put down for

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go off to other Bodies ; but he was not afraid of that. Good

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ously combined with thyroid are, arsenic, strychnia, digitalis, adonis ver-

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the kidneys, 1— congestioii of the lungs, 1— inflammation of the lungs, 5 — old age, 2— peri-

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satisfaction than at any time since her recovery from the

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Dr. -Samuel rhomson, inventor of the l>ot»ni'; System

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of Mrs. Hartley and Mr. Pearce, who were the subjects of Commissions in

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sufficiently to interfere with their power of accommoda-

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and which should not. "Surgical with delay" were (1)

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renal arteries, the common iliac, portal, splenic, and renal

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tea, coffee, and pepper. Foods which contain little or no oxalic acid,

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: their Lordships. The party whose legitimacy was in question was sworn by

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progresses the periosteum becomes detached from the cementum, and the