rendering a final opinion. In this way it can be made
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ment of the uterus, together with a prolapse of the
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in cases which take their beginning from a definite and simple cause. On
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Sprinkle, C. N., Weaverville; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1910; U.N.C 1910 1922
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ing, &c, arc still almost constantly referred by practitioners to
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peritoneal rupture not associated witli fracture ; the operation
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have to be removed. Have mare held by the head, with one
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the bladder. The ball fell on the ground at his feet, without either injuring his
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too, after inoculations in the cornea resulted in an enormous multiplica-
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profession were actuated entirely by considerations
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is a very marked contrast between the color, and that from
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following extract is from An American Text Book of Surgery:
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pearing in the stools. The curds gradually disappeared in four
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upon cases to which attention was particularly directed. The course adopted
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The determination of age by an examination of the bones of young sub-
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chorea and diabetes insipidus. St. Louis Cour. Med.,