cosuria was probably of the interacinar variety. The ascites was probably
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calves of the legs so much the better: he would then administer the
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directly as the amount of blood transfused and inversely as the body
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an aflfection of the supra-renal capsules ; and his views, pre-
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not believe any condition of the liver, inflammatory or otherwise,
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there she was seized with marked colic, nausea, and vomiting,
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toms lead us to some state which can supervene and disappear in a short
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oplithalmia, or anything infectious that might arise, and it is
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necessarily an index of good circulation, nor is a lowering pressure
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cases, namely, cure in seven cases out of twelve, and improvement in three
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bJood from the inferior extremities from mixing with the hepatic blood.
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Formol, which has recently been proposed as an antiseptic,
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shut up for some hours, and entered direct from the fresh air.
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# Indicates tbe dale on which this animal nae removed from [be bell-glass and placed fit
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solved questions which baffled the sagacity of men like Arago,
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External treatment for the fourth order. T. capsicum and T.
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for that or a longer time with headache and heat of skin. There may he no cold
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he devised and instruments he designed, accomplished
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The Insect-borne Theory. — Infantile paralysis shows no tendency
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tem findings in the fatal cases. A general disorganization
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1682. Nov* Dec. — An Act to prevent tippling and other disorders
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agnosis of typhoid fever. J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 1897,
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There is no pitting and no tenderness. The thighs are soft, perhaps
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on geology. In 1728 Woodward died. Soon after this event there
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In a book of such size it should be remembered that its
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the earth's surface being covered with snow during nearly the whole
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artificial crisis, imitating a natural process of relief, or by dif-
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that the stricture had been ruptured previous to the last pass-
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overcome. The principle holds even in matters that do not concern
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of aloes in a triturate every 3 hours, which acts as a
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He relates cases of the successful treatment of ' vertige stomacale' by the alter-
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larity of the tube of the epipharynx. The action of the pump then
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cept what was referable to the traction on tlic cord. The man's
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is upon the practitioner, but a corresponding liability
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handful of this same wort, seethe it in wine or in ale,
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lethal dose is about one drachm of tobacco, or one minim of