condition somewhat, but at -i p. m. it was thought advisable to

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arms. The skin was mottled, and resembled that of a case of scarla-

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hours a week during the second semester. The students are taught the under-

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to be recognized, except as a reddish, yellow, or brown stain. If one of these

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could be used for many consecutive weeks without the slightest sign

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annoyed at his total inability to find words ; this annoyance he expresses by

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7. Boehm, E.: Zirbeldruesenteratom und genitale Fruehreife, Frankf. Ztschr.

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introduced. He had seen one fatal case of vomiting due to the

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tattooing is the ornamentation of the person, but taking its origin

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the inflammation the tumor remained about at its original

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and one adult female. In the two former, aged respectively

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to fall upon the eye, a more decided result was obtained — in

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Cases may be attended with attacks of more or less pro-

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splenic flexure necrotic and easily torn; colon beyond this point con-,

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occurred — for example, the thermometer at Birr Castle stood at

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. . . d. k. Akad. v. Wi-tensi li. Aft. .N'at iiiii k., .\mst., 1865,

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with fuming nitric acid, introduced through a grooved

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evincing not the slightest objective evidence of consumption,

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With every case one asks himself, "How much thyroid tissue

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it sends forward throe names out of which the Crown can-

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stant, or at least frequent, and whether, in all cases, it was ix)ssible to

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great influence upon your college career. Five subjects will

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duced by a strong moral emotion, a concussion of the brain, the destruction of a certain

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(1 to 1000) may be applied daily; or the following: P^? Hyd. perchlor.

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which it can hardly be« because it is circumscribed, and quite free from un-

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Is Astigmatism a Factor in the Causation of Glaucoma 1 — Theobald

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with the tubercle itself;" Gendrin affirms that " tubercles of the brain

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strikingly distinguish him from the inhabitant of the old world. He yet

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external violence, which might be applied to the extremely

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lateral bending, which caused knock-knee or bow-leg, and anteroposte-

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adjoining the dairy or even in the same building, but on the

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say In the fewetl possible words, ,>r hi~ reader li lure to skip them; and in "

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of these 210 cases, all three standards agreed on 15 cases as being under-

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fluid that oozes out when the arachnoid is pricked. This

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localised cases of peritonitis, the symptoms, as a nile, are less

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took some pains at the time to ascertain the circumstances of

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The white points spoken of were composed of a delicate fibrillated tissue,