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A little later I turned in' to the church, and as I passed the altar
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Sometimes the infection localizes itself in the respira-
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ing-chamber of the pipette by the oncoming cerebrospinal fiuid was at
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to stay, and the degree of D.D.S. has come to stay.
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schwanzte Korper " of Mtiller, were formed in the blood, and hence did not
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the nose and both cheeks, with a few on the forehead. Previous to this
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objection against the use of the button, mention of
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ered ; examined three months after scarlet fever developed,
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of New York.— Med. Times and Gazette, Dec. 20, 1879.
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attested. Kennedy, of Glasgow, Kanam, Gomez, Knox, M ello, Cross,
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Journ., London, 1901. Kelly. — Ibid., 1902, August. M'Cardie. —
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the pons (see cases by Diller, Mills and Zinncr, Markowski). The result-
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an analysis of these 20 cases he concludes that the
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led to attach to this, that, in the Copenhagen Lying-
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ulnar nerve.* In these experimental conditions this physiologist
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dismissal of the same. All remedies, therefore, from equal
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true of severe conditions of initial shock and high intracranial press-
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In recent lesions of the labyrinth the patient tends to fall towards the
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systematically studied. The Mexican cotton ball weevil is
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We have examined with care the report before us, expecting to derive from
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ophthalmic division of the fifth nerve herpes, exactly resembling in
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As regards the secondary palsies, it is difiicult to see how
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UtJU^i , #< A^^&Q (TCaaSi Ul aj i%e ^_ /A Kf
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nized. Owing to the susceptibility of the gonococcus to moderate
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in the treatment fhould be the immediate dilcontinuance of its ufe.
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in close communion with nature, in the exercise of which mistakes in theory
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the fragments perfectly in apposition. The plaster ;
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lost a great deal of time and considerable practice —
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m. An investigation as to the hygiene of the mercantile marine, and an inquiry