Dr. Fulton introduced the Hon. R. A. Smith, Mayor of St.
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ant with them at farrowing, and always keep a lantern lit at night and hanging
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that it is not apt to assume the form of hemiplegia or parapleg^ On
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and, in private life, a merry and congenial companion, with some
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tioned for attenuating cicatrices, are useful in this case too.
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1 It has been claimed that experiments made by Oppler, Schottin, Perls, and
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catarrh, are greatly impeded. Decomposition of the contents, which
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could be found in 10 per cent, of a series of 260 dead bodies. Up to 1879
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against diseases of animals. A memorandum on the subject
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The condition of the heart in the 159 cases of heart overload of
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New York, the number of candidates was seventy six, of
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of the joint. One cannot help treating these lesions as
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need, I think, only refer to one, viz., the absence after labor, as a
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mustard plants. Electric light appeared to be about half as
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George Henry Anderson, M.A., MB., CM, hon. Med., Middlesbro*.
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the dorsal position, is brought to the lower edge of the
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demonstrated to him: (i) That excellent results can be
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drunkenness, etc., can hardly be denied, for they are found everywhere,
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