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blindness to the object is one deeply rooted in the

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nual) ; Brooklyn Society of Internal Medicine; Hospital

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examination — throughout the deeper portion of the

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pelvis. The kidney in this instance is in a condition of marked

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as a derivative ; internally saltpetre, with the application to the

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practitioner, and the daily routine of the gynecologist. Not-

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thropic persons have seen fit to devote large funds

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suitable buildings, and place that institution on an independent

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The final results of the radical operation, except in

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too great to permit direct suture of the nerve, the

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purely accidental. Klebs noted that the diverticula

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Fig. 1. — G, glabella; M. midpoint between G and O; D. upper

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Dr. Harrison on Tubercles in the Air-cells of a Bird. 231

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reach all the recesses of the injured depths and the

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solidation often progresses to such a degree that the

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any continued and detailed account of the operation of Broncho-

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cal conceptions respecting the functions of these parts. It may

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in his place (as was and still is the case) is most

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physiological stimulus of muscle action was not ob-

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following conditions found ; rectum fully distended,

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affirming, that epigastric pulsations, such as I have described,

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loured person, a female, had attained to 120 years! Eight females

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istalsis, vomiting, constipation, or any combination

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sively by the war that physical therapy is of great

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346 Dr. Hudson on certain Remedies in Typhous Fever.

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presence of other manifestations of the disease, or

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cian to the King, refers to MM. Mahon, who have treated thirty-

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air into the veins, I have myself witnessed, when attending

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ofif with twenty-seven members, and they are alumni

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is rendered certain, by the numerous cases of persons who, having

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peculiar character is shewn in their history, symptoms, and the result

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mended but commanded to be pursued, is not at all adapted for

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his faculties and mental activities up to the end of

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with strips of plaster, a bandage about the hand, and a sling in

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vering of skin for the penis, separated the latter, and finished the ope-

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like, but resistent to the sense of touch, and may or

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found in any of those villages that are exempt from Goitre.

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calibre of the gut, colic and intestinal spasm occur.