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nature and seat of this affection, one of the most important of which is that the
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at the base of the thorax which are caused by diaphagmatic con-
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of immobility. Nevertheless, sensation remained uninjured, so that when the
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the disury consequent on such accidents, is the dilatation of the ure-
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muscular disease. It was assumed, however, that the fibrillation of the
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been given. The patient is slender and of nervous temperament.
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the age of five. The second and subsequent attacks of pneumonia
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"These," (local lesions, giving rise to uterine hsemorrhage,) "are congestion of
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vations have led me is, that this treatment is adequate to the restoration of
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exists in the patient's family on the maternal side.
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single injection, nor was there any inhibition of growth during a
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this will be additional evidence to strengthen our belief that the
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increased cough, frequent sweating, and scantiness of urine. Venesection was
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data and deductions connected with this part of the subject.
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â– the existence of the disease. It will appear also, that when the disease is
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whole limb inwards. The patient recovered sulhciently well to be able to walk,
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My own experience is opposed to the use of calomel in such large doses.
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anxieties, the struggles of men, solicite ambientes, callide Utigantes, or of
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area in the esophagus without some means of guiding the point of
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den 6 in Germany, Barker and Sladen 7 in this country, and others
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(.From the Laboratories of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research,
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But though clinically so similar, there is a remarkable contrast
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doj;s recovered completely and were used again after some weeks.
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and it informs him of the springs at which he can drink more deeply.
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Poliomyelitis. By Simon Flexner, M.D., and Hideyo Noguchi,
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is, that in this condition the limb loses its power of preserving a medium tem-
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varied from 1008 to 1024, later from 101 1 to 1 020 ; erythrocytes and hyaline
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In view of the inappreciable blessings which were to (low through suc-
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mox-bid anatomy so successfully investip^ated by the continental pathologists, and by Professor Carswell ;
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of each other. To understand clearly the properties of nerves, it is also
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the Calculi of Cystine. Bv Civl\le, M. D. Translated from the French, by H. H.
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it is mechanically impossible when one considers the consistency
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per immediately afterwards. Siiortly after they complained of sharp lancinating
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We questioned this patient after each operation and again to-day respecting
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status of the serodiagnosis of typhoid fever. New York Med. Jour., January 8
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gan, and more frequently than the others give rise to slow^ fever, and the acci-
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been made, if any, from the above proportions. The druggist informed me that
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lung, can be compared with one of increased density.
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Dog 17. May 24, 1911. Isolated heart from normal dog perfused and
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way. For while the urobilinogen is being converted into urobilin,
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the disease the patient becomes more anasarcous, not alone in the ex-
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4th. The liquid blood of the vena porta contains generally a little less solid