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typhoid strains. A suipestifer strain was agglutinated at 1:600.
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the writings of a Cullen and a Eush, and in some of the lucubrations
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Otten, Erich, a, w, sp, St. Joseph, Mich. S.B. (Lewis Inst.) '28; S.B. (U. of North
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A chapter entitled " Presbyakousis " has been added to the
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act upon his liver, which is not a very wise thing to do, of course,
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cipate more or less in the production of the reflex phenomena ; and it has in fact been shown
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the relatively clean, well-ventilated boat population
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The early administration of Antitoxin is imperative.
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cinated scholar of the Chicago public schools has ever con-
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tion, most recent studies have involved patients who
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receive the foot of the operator, which is secured thereto
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He supposed their brains to have been robbed of that
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the adds to the positive. The fluids attracted to the neg-
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At present the tubes must be imported from London, or
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place in Philadelphia with Melita, daughter of Dr. C. Hering. We may
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is not injured ; the gauze pad is here a great help, while
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This may not be called original genius, perhaps ; we
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The splenic artery arises from the celiac axis, the same source which
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where the closest investigation could show no defect
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advocates of the ligature perhaps equaled tliose who claimed
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labour. The changes are due probably " to the diaphragmatic points of in-
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previous illness. Under such conditions an intussusception, usually
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was infused into her veins, and, in many instances, a few hours
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fatal. Tlie ligature is evidently very unreliable, when applied to
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and strength. We have already shown that, in spite of their partial
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1843 a. — Ueber die Kriitze und ihre Behandlung, besonders in Spitillern. Diss.
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served : 1, the student is taught how to study a problem
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and Scotland in 1758, when Edinburgh suffered severely, not one
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human subject only erythema, swelling of the axillary glands, and local
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that in lobar pneumonia (i) chloride of calcium reduces
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advisable to open the abscess externally in all cases where it
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in Keue Zeitschrift fur Geburtskunde, vol. iii. p. 265. The placenta was full of
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ture of the ovary, or thickening of its indusium, would lead to undue vascular
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labouring under anasarca with marked lividity; and on the following
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during the continuance of the disease, and returned a2;ain. The chan2"e3
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France (1887-92). Ann. de dermat. et s.vpli.. Par., 1892,
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During this, the acutest part of his illness, occupying nearly
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