entire loss of vision in both eyes, and it was noted that
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(From the private laboratory of Dr. John H. Mvisser)
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known as menstruation, or the monthly flow. In order that concep-
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Manila, on January 30, 1911, at half past two in the
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subject? Our institutions are peculiar, and, in order to be legitimately
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or without collapse, followed by the signs of local or general peritonitis,
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XXII. — Didocation of the Long Tendon of the Biceps
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had been expelled from the wound, I predicted that the patient
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increased in size. A certain increase in its size had also been noticed
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After the defervescence of fever in typhoid cases, when the
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testine and other pathological conditions of the gut in
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This does not show a larger proportion of any disease than one
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medical profession and the public, and bring the doctorate into such contempt
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instead of cathodal opening contractions (C.O.C.) being the last of all to
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at the Durham County Asylum, reports that the mental state was in no
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cular orifice, that it is always accompanied by a venous pulse in the
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sense of the word. When you no longer trust your phy-
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and one the equivalent of a summer session. Two of the
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other fungi quickly develop in them on standing. The mucous mem-
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who suffer are the poor and the elderly. Little attention
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what nervous child; two children, youngest seven years; had "inflammation" after
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through the w'inter in that country. As I apprehended, he con-
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determined. In his recently-published volume. Dr. Jackson gives an instance
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ivsult of gravitation, as 'when it takes place in the dependent portions of
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highest state that Civilization had yet attained.’^'^
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only a good or efficient man, he had used his discretion and
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cases soon reaches a point l)etween 103° and 104° F. (39.4°-40° C), while the
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the action of boiling water. It is true that Prof. Wyraan has
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salivary glands were examined both in the fresh condition
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directly contrary method of treatment. To this method, if it
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Sims attained in a degree which few can hope to at-
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solutions, with proper care, could be used over an extended period of time.
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fine not exceeding ^1000 — one half to the United States, the other half
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that of a 150-pound man, and the appendix is larger,
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with indefinite and badly marked secondary symptoms,
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scribed for the treatment of any disease which the exam-
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that nature. It does not seem probable, when we consider the mechanism of
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46. Milk utensils for farm use should be made of metal and have all joints
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made to assume, and pennit the bones to get well with the
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brought forward from his own clinical experience and that of many reliable
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