infection, 34 (49%) occurred in females. Seven (10%)

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of the children. Hence it is the rule to immediately

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as his case was not gone into, the facts deposed to by me are

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A hiker enjoys the scenic beauty at Babcock State Park

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vere chill with a temperature immediately afterwards

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She then came to hospital and was seen in the out-patient department

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and report to the commanding general, department of Califor-

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to take it up. For that very reason some move should be made to

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0-428-9280, serving Columbia, Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa, La Fayette, Richland, and

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one inch below the border of the left ribs, and the same distance to the

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" (6.) That in the majority of cases, as shown especially by

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in their wisdom it shall seem meet, and adopt such other measures as

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tial features of the investigation are due to him. The bacteria employed

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the sciatic nerve was restored in less than seventeen days in

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de la Syphilis ") devotes a chapter to syphilitic neuralgia. He looks upon

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through a glass door. He gave a diverting account of the ineffectual

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ciation of American Medical Colleges, is reported to have

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case observed tiiat : " The latest investigations seem to

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obvious. It has, however, been shown that irritation of

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switching from parenteral to oral administration means

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The behavior of the disease subsequent to these alarming mani-

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valve, or near it, and advances upward. In some in-

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edges of the zone there may be hyperalgesia, especially when the stimulus

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MereuriuSf when the pains are much of the same description as those

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series of changes which the poison tends to produce in the mass of the

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figures, but as distinct statements of absolute facts.

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chievous and destructive of life ! Are then all these

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exfoliative shedding of the mucous membrane or uterine

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