acute attack, but was jiromptly relieved by the same
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accomplish it, but I say this is a roundabout way of doins it.
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being got out of bed and started to walk, if he is able
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engravings and 21 plates. Published by Lea & Febiger,
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and lacerated wounds has already been described. Tetanus usually
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that it is the best antidote ; and the fact that it is the best anti-
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a surgeon's person ; and I will again repeat, that in cases of
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2. Stutsgaard, died of peritonitis after resection of
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Air, filtration of, 310; temperature of, 381; ozonised,
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pulse very rapid and weak. It was quite evident that he was
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with that experienced at each menstrual period, is brought on
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operation. This does not mean that I operated only on
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Lime. — Finely- pulverized, air-slaked lime is good to dry up
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cases, Avhether suppuration becomes chronic and sinuses per-
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period of disappearance is from twenty-four to thirty-six hours. In the case
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character that points to its laryngeal seat. Pressure upon the windpipe
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by plastic eff'usion that it was separated with some
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the child suddenly went into syncope and died three
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tine commonly gives rise to fecal abscesses in the neighboring tissue, or,
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(fig. 12a). The pulse was now at 100, but even whilst J was taking it
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perature was 104. 5 F. in the afternoon. He was delirious, had marked
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stimulating variety. Milk by all means is preferable and indicated.
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the high standard of excellence shown by its predecessor.
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objects to the designation " paralysis of the insane " the fact
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M.D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Medi-
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views being taken. He wished to emphasize, however,
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" markedly improved." The results in the other sanitarium
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latter was in all probability constantly contaminated
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clinician does not always find it easy to draw a practical distinction
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This subject has also been considered in a valuable
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for these purposes may be defrayed out of any rate or fund applicable
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brandy or wine, every hour or two ; and this I hold to be a not less important indication of treat-
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tion is the essential characteristic of the civilized man as
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more glucose than when they are taken in smaller amounts. This is not
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verse lesions of the cord seem to be the satne whatever the
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a diuretic when enalapril is initiated or given a diuretic and enalapril simultaneously can
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increase of nitrates, and diminution of nitrites. It was these facts