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Sec 4. It shall, through its officers, Council and other-
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that the Great Spirit had constituted him his agent upon earth, and that
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have been eliminated in some by evolution. This morbid reaction
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streams ot water. Myths die hard, and superstition is as
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dition so necessary to resist successfully the invasion of
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and sugar, 4 teaspoonfuls of baking powder, i qt. of milk, 3 pts.
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minute organisms, and when the case is pretty well advanced there
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obtained. Roughly speaking, four ounces of fluid will lower the
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as in the former disease. It is essentially a tropical disease, though
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may protect the lungs for a sufficient time to give
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tended with great risk. The curative action is sys-
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were prescribed with little effect. The bleeding con-
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Typhoid Fever and Polluted Water. — Upwards of four hundred of the inhabi-
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senting different phases, it will be allowed that the physician is better pre-
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of a noble Jansenist family of the Netherlands, who gradu-
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I believe the best operation, as a rule, is amputation above the
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both might be interrupted by ligatures, on the same person,
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learn from the reports of the chemists of the Board of
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lisliment of a periodical Magazine, be referred to the Standing Com-
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Attending Surgeons: Drs. Charles A. Parker (Orthopedic), Vernon C. David,
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diaphragm within the lumen as small as possible. Any suture de-
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been rendered unserviceable because of mechanical shortcomings of
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The differences from Lc Fort's original method are : —
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tion, whereas the prefix homceo is derived from the Greek homoios