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be done in the first instance, and, if necessary, the large intestine
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of the States. It is variously named by medical men. Some call
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It was deemed advisable b}^ the early students of the subj ect, who con-
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not only throughout the connective tissue of the mnsoles, but
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s>'da the most perfet antiseptic for the alimentary canal yet
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the heavy carbonate of magnesia is very suitable for them,
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gave its support they would be doing the country much good.
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foUoivers of science, who, recognizing the demand for
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Air or gas in the pleural sac, in many cases associated
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Although they refer only to a small place, my policlinic statistics
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by human intercourse alone. Its propagation by this means
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clean, fresh, and satisfactory supply. It was obtained from tuberculin-
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Sat. 7 hrs. $130. Contact: Nomi Feldman, 3770 Tansy, San Diego
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or he circumducts the leg, scraping the toes along the ground.
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^ ^ March 6th. — Esophoria ^°, exophoria in ace. 6°, abduction
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Blood Counts — Though done routinely because the patient deserves
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view of the fact that it is an unilateral disease, whereas bronchitis, whea :,
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frequent ; the stomach was quite intolerant of food. Analysis of the urine showed
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allied by blood, similar habits, and largely by iden-
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ly veiscular all over the lungs, yet it was not as loud as is
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In private practice, however, we must take care to remove everything.
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water and the water of other alkaline springs are well suited to this variety of
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sewage, which contained 1 1,750,000 bacteria per cubic
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it frequently causes indigestion and occasionally a chronic
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water and hypodermic injections of saline solutions may be given.
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Patients who come to our service greatly undernourished, with dry
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Apiol (Parseley Oil). This, according to these authors, produces,
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corticolropihlACTHj). Periodic BUN and serum creatinine
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Mr. Powell moved the omission of the words " a male
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every thing into his writings that had previously been said on the
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ovary, .5 cm. in width, left on each side, had grown to a size
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more attachments, and it was safe to infer that this attach-
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This valuable and popular work has been so long before the
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strained vegetables such as spinach, carrots, or tender string beans
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correctly fed and take nothing but good cow's milk sufficiently
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connected with the diseases of the heart and of the blood. The now extended,
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When the block disappeared in the latter patient's case after rest in
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will soon need to know if I am going to resign from my teaching
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called the Mclntyre splint, made with a screw, is use-
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pital appeared to exemplify this cause of death. In the case cited by
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the left side of the heart; and the fact of her being
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teen houses (77 per cent.) suffered invasion between August 21 and
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the body is overheated ; over-exertion; alcoholism; syphilis; or
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