enable us to discover the still unknown causes of the many diseases we
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therapy may be effective briefly, but, again, patients ulti-
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a year. In another case in which I removed 6 stones
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The pulse is increased in tension, and is hard, incompressible, and persistent,
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seizure and holding of areas in which bases could be developed
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Prismatic crystals of triple phosphate. f double phosphate will form
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which disappeared whenever the armature was connected with
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" 2. That it is greater in the decade of years following than in
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the latter treatment the symptoms denoted gradual improvement, evacua-
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• April 14-16, MASA‘s 116th Annual Meeting, Mobile, Alabama.
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important facts regarding the material which is yielded by
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could be found in 10 per cent, of a series of 260 dead bodies. Up to 1879
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itous. A matriculation fee of $5 is required, in advance, of every student who has not at-
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uniformly those definite and nice distinctions, which constitute
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The symptoms are well described by Haycock, who says —
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statement has met with great disfavour } proved fatal to a large number of natives,
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pensary on April 1st, and asked to have some teeth extracted.
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the opposite end of the room with the head toward the window.
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Remarks The want of motility in conjunction with the presence of a
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tion of spt. eth. nit. and tiuct. belladon. in moderate doses, which, upon a
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id found the bacterial content to range from 48,000 to 43,600,000
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pipe attached, was much better and safer than a more
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other oflFensive rubbish under the machinery, etc., has iu several instances added
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regarded as one of senile tuberculosis, with some em-
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(PI. 39, figs. 126. 127, PI. 40, figs. 136, 144), containing fluid in the living
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and instances of their total misplacement outside the normal
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There was a cavity about two centimeters in diameter, filled wnth pus, in
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the large intestine, there is great emaciation ; very frequent pulse ; sometimes
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during the period in the locality of other diseases are also
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composed of equal parts of smashed earth-worms, rancid oil, and putrid
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thus permit a reorganization of the remaining seven grades of
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ness, temperature of 99°, pulse of 60, and respirations
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In neuralgia, be has obtained little benefit from elec-
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specific symptoms such as gastric crises, lightning
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laggi circondanti la citta di Aosta. Gior. d. r. Accad.