that in particular species of mosquito fed on malarial
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intelligible that the antidote should select the poison
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usefulness of steady traction on the child in overcoming a contiaction
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and diuresis established by the infusion of digitalis (f 5 ss-f.lj,
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gus to grow there. In children the affection is only seen during the
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of the drug. Besides the drawback of its staining the urine and later
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has been the general unhealthiness,*' wrote the British Consul,
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Is this all the space that tb.e art of healing fills in this world r
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prevention and control of the disease will be easier of accomplish-
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are frequently also degenerative changes affecting the nuclei. These
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ing, &c. ; but ordinarily, no such preparation is required for the care of the
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would shew a great deal more as to the nature of it
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ment which has never been confirmed, and seems never likely to be.
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iJy my request. Dr. .Mason now saw the patient, but no amount of
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Fig. 137. — A cell showing the more granular condition.
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" His old age loas very happy and peaceful, a waiting for the
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ately in contact with the gut and suturing over the peritoneal
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contains a vesicular nucleus and contracting vacuoles. Amoebae are seen
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consists in regulating the bowels, subduing irritation,
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ceived, they will never confide again in the same person. In
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and the bone examined. All fragments should be removed.
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illustrations are both many and good; the text clear and com-
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results from the violence of the heart's action, without any previous structural
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The author examined eight cases of gangrene, two cases of
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■ Report 8. (Slides from Testis): "Round-celled sar-
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three or four times daily. The crusts should all be removed, and
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gaining the general circulation may pass directly to the
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extensive petechial involvement of the skin confluent over dependent
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Today most authorities agree that the diagnosis can be
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lungs are kept filled witli air, the stagnation of which in the
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threshold is, ** At what age shall the treatment be