duced throu^ a gap at the inner side of the patella. The

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These should be detected early, since deformities once established

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lumbricales, and less than normal in the case of the abductor

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the other organs of the body were fatty. The arteries of the brain

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central. Since, however, the heart does not beat as frequently as at

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angina pectoris absolutely and at all times ; and if so, what is it ?

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ture, the reservoir capacity of the gland, and this

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he was unable to get anyone to perform the operation

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number found when not suspected. When the first six

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cum in gout, etc. etc. We now know that scrofula is to be removed

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of pain and swelling near the joints should lead one to examine for hyper-

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be readily supposed, the slightest injury, such as a knock or

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you discharged me from attending you as your physician in your

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fever. This implies that the inflammation of the aortic valves has caused

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lose blood ; yet, a few years ago, pregnancy was supposed, as a matter of

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which were mistaken for aneurisms of the great arteries in

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appear, and the urine never gave the diazo reaction. The case

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the heads of its abettors, affording, as it does, a ready pretext

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used opiates, nervines, tonics, and stimulants. In a few cases of en-

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transudations, of course, are derived from the blood, and are in a liquid

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per cent, of arterial affections. These figures lead to the con-

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was exposed constantly to the action of the rays. Precaution

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sounds of the heart and respiratory tract both in health

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as six weeks after the onset. Chronic renal disease is not infrequently

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say that they have worked with efficiency, and have

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land, 3.88; Saxony, 3.71 ;. Westphalia, 3.50: Branden-

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paiu sufficient to designate the type until, perhaps, a final

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nerves may be nerves of motion, if they are distributed to muscles ;